Can I Take Too Many Vitamins?

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I think it's absolutely crucial for all of us whatever form of therapy we are thinking about to remember the words of Paracelsus who is considered the founding father of toxicology, the dose makes the poison. Really, really important to apply to anything. Think about it oxygen in excess is toxic to the body in fact it's one of the most toxic things it basically causes us to rust and if you get a 100% oxygen you'll be dead within a very short span of time, just a few days.

So even something essential for life can become harmful if the dose is wrong, that's true of water. Too much water in the blood dilutes out key nutrients like Sodium, and that's potentially life threatening. Too much iron actually increases oxidation in the body and accelerates that rusting process, it's toxic to the liver.

So there is no question that for anything we put into the body, dose matters. In terms of nutrients what we're trying to figure out, and this is definitely a work in progress, is what is the therapeutic window? Most of the dietary guidance we get like the dietary reference intakes with the RDAs that are familiar to everybody, are really about preventing deficiency.

And that's not the same as optimal health, and probably, it takes more of a nutrient to help support optimal health than it takes to prevent a deficiency, but how much more? And in what form? And in what combination with other nutrients? All of that, honestly, is a work in progress.

The one thing we know for sure is that assuming you body is basically healthy and you're absorbing nutrients right, an optimal diet, a diet of foods close to nature, vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, seeds then the usual suspect. That will support life long good health and help prevent all chronic disease and slow down the aging process and make you look better, all that good stuff.

We're guessing, when we try to take the active ingredients from a healthy diet and infuse it through a syringe.