Beware of Soup, Sauce and Salad Dressing

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Hi, I'm Dr. Darria Long Gillespie. Here with a tip to help you avoid common restaurant fat and calorie traps. I'm talking about sauces, dressings and other hidden pitfalls at healthy dining. One rule of thumb, beware of anything creamy or cheesy. For example, tuna and chicken salad appear to be smart choices but they are often laced with fat for meo and oil.

When you order soup, skip cream based options such as chowder, choose a brauther tomato based instead. When choosing salad dressing, skip the creamy range thousand island and blue cheese, order Italian or vinaigrette, and ask for your dressing on the side then dress your salads sparingly. Work down from the top, tossing in approximately one tea spoon of dressing at a time.

Or leave your salad undressed then dip your folk in the separate dish of dressing before sparing each bite. The best option of all is to lightly dress your salad European style with olive oil and vinegar and lemon juice. I'm Dr. Darria, for more ways to nourish your health, watch all our smart tips.