What Foods Are Good for a Healthy Brain?

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So the kind of questions that we get asked a lot, what kind of diet should I have for brain health? Well, one of the things that you should do is eat sensibly, eat what you know is good for your health and eat a well balanced diet. There are some studies suggesting that eating a Mediterranean diet, a hot diet that's high in mono-unsaturated fatty acids could be great for our brain health, and also studies showing that high levels of Omega-3's may provide protection to our brain as we grow older.

So we should eat cold water fish at least three times a week. Things like salmon or herring or sardines. And if we don't like those, food sources of Omega-3's then why not take a supplement. The other thing that we should do, is maintain a healthy weight. Studies have shown that people who are over weight or obese have an increased risk for developing dementia later in life.

So that's another thing that we should consider, maybe not just about what we eat, but how much we eat and how much we weigh.