What Skin Care Ingredients Can Help Treat Sun-Damaged Skin?

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So I'm a big fan of vitamin A for the skin and you can get that in many forms. Over the counter you'll see it's Retinol, and you can also get a prescription from your dermatologist for Tretinoin knowing which is sort of the more potent version of vitamin A. And to me vitamin A is the corner stone of treating sun damaged skin because it's going to help you with almost everything.

It is going to help pigmentation, it's going to help with the wrinkles, it's going to help improve the texture of your skin, it's kind of a miracle cream and it has more science to back it up than any other skin care ingredient and I think that's important to look at as well.

Other than that, I know this is obvious, but you've got to wear sunscreen. Sometimes people come and they're spending tons of time in the sun with no sunscreen. They're like what can it do for my skin? It's like well, you guys should spend less time in the sun and you'll have to use sunscreen, and I really prefer sunscreens with zinc or titanium and the reason is that those are natural ingredients.

You can't be allergic to them and I just think that they are more effective and more safe than the chemical sunscreens, and lastly if you want to call a [xx] on what to put on your skin I will use a Vitamin A, like retinol, tretinoin, I would use an SPF with zinc, and the last thing is an anti-oxidant and there's tons of anti-oxidants that you can use including green tea, vitamin C, pomegranete, there's tons of them now when you'll find one in the favorite brand they have, and I think that is the corner stone of good skin care.