Dr. Craig Smith - What Should I Know Before I Have Mitral Valve Repair or Replacement?

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If you're a patient facing mitral valve surgery and trying to decide whether you need repair or replacement, it's important to enter the discussion understanding what is wrong with your valve. There are certain conditions like myto stenosis which is most often related to rheumatic fever, not as common as once it was, but still present. If you have rheumatic myto stenosis, replacement is almost always the bet option, with some caveats that make repair occasionally feasible, but most of the time you would be facing replacement, you should understand that going in. If you are a patient who has the gender of mitral valve disease which is characterized by loose floppy leaflets, some of which you're probably develop mentally origin and some of these material tears producing a leak in that category, you should expect to hear repair described as a primary goal of an operation.

On the other hand, it would be misleading to say the repair is always possible even in that patient population. Even though as valves in that category are repairable 90, 95% of the time, it's not a 100%. So, a replacement is always possible, because obviously the goal is to get the patient out of the operating room with a functioning valve.

In between is a lot more complex discussion, but has a lot to do with exactly what is wrong with your valve.