How Can I Help Protect My Hearing?

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The best way to protect your hearing is by simply being aware of the types of sounds that we might be exposing ourselves to. Now the number one preventable cause of hearing loss is noise exposure. So if we're in a crowded environment or a concert where if we have occupational recreational noise exposure, we need to make sure that we're using hearing protection.

Something as simple as phone earplugs or even just putting our fingers in our ears if we're waiting for a subway we'll be more than effective. Now if we listen to our mp3-players which we're all attached to our mp3-players throughout the course of our lives, they don't become damaging untill we start to listen to them too long, too loud for too long aver a period of time.

What I always tell my patients is if you listen to your mp3 player and if it does't make a difference who the manufacturer is, sound is sound, or the type of music for that matter, if you listen to your Mp3 player whether you're in gym, or if you're travelling on an airplane or train, or if you're just walkng in the streets in a busy city, it's important you sound isolate your earphones they will help isolate from external sounds allow you to listen to your volume from your Mp3 player at much lower levels for a longer time.

The other thing we also make sure is, healthy diet equals healthy body but it also equals healthy ears, it is important for us to eat health diet keep as we said for keep those chronic illnesses where there is IDs or blood sugars down, keep our blood sugar down, keep our cholesterol down, this ultimately that will have a protective ability to keep our ears as healthy as they possibly can be.