How Can I Know If I Have a Dairy Allergy?

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Cow's milk or dairy allergy is a very important thing to know, because it is commonly consumed. Some of the symptoms can occur right away within seconds to minutes, which could be the skin. The skin is an early warning signs. Itchiness, again abdominal symptoms, nausea, gas, abdominal pains, respiratory symptoms, even sneezing or nasal congestion can be associated with a food allergy to [xx] many of my patients are already thinking they may be sensitive to milk, they are already eliminating [xx] from their diet one, do a body check after having milk you are having abdominal symptoms gas, skin symptoms itchiness, take a look at your skin, do you have Heiser[sp?] redness that may indicate an allergic reaction is occurring.

Day two: Think about hidden sources of milk. They may be in cows' milk or other products such as yogurt, dairy, ice cream, cheese sticks and later on you may have some symptoms, could occur within a few minutes, that can last up to a couple of hours. Day three hidden sources, be a label detective, learn how to decode labels.

A can of tuna fish may have casein which is a milk protein, hot dog, sausages, even cosmetics may contain cows milk protein. Do your homework, when it says may contain, take it seriously. I've had many patients in my practice who had severe reactions to products or foods when it says may contain, and they plainly ignored it.

Again it's about being proactive, educated and being prepared. Day four, let's put it all together, if you suspect you have a food allergy to cow's milk and cow's milk products, get tested, see an allergist, for state of the art in office, simple reliable skin test, blood test, and components test which is a new way to look at risk for potential for cosmo protein allergy.

Again food allergies are here, do your homework, have an allergy action plan. One confirm the diagnosis. Two, educate yourself. Be aware of your environment and read labels and finally be prepared in case you do have an allergic reaction.