Which Beverages Are Good Sources of Antioxidants?

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There are many beverages out there that are good sources of antioxidants. Coffee is the number one source of anti-oxidants in the American diet, and the oxidants in coffee are very, very beneficial for enhancing heart health overall, immunity, improving blood sugar control, and weight, so coffee is a big league antioxidant beverage. Grape juice, although quite high in sugar
, very, very good for you in terms of its antioxidants value. Pomegranate juice, oxalis juice, excellent sources of anti-oxidants. Black current juice spectacular. Beer and I'm not saying that you should drink loads and loads of beer, but beer, the more bitter the better, a very, very good source of antioxidants and of course red wine we know contains antioxidants that benefit the heart and also benefit the nervous system.

So you've a lot of choices out there for high antioxidant beverages. Of course in the mix of high antioxidant beverages there's tea, all tea oolong, black, orange, pekoe, green. They all contain antioxidants, but green tea contains more, and matcha green tea contains even more still.