What Are the Health Benefits of Schisandra?

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A few years ago I had the opportunity to go to North Eastern China, where I got to see the Schisandra harvest. Schisandra is a berry, a super berry, but it's not the kind of berry you eat with yogurt and granola, it has a very unusual flavor, in fact it's sweet, sour, salty, bitter and pungent, all at the same time, really confusing in your mouth.

Schisandra has been a medicine for about 2000 years, and it is somewhat similar in its effects to rhodiola which is my all time favorite herb. We know it enhances energy and endurance and stamina, it's especially good for the mind. You know a lot of people turn to aterole and some other things when they're cramming for exams, when they could use Schisandra instead with no negatives effects.

Schisandra enhances mental clarity, it helps to relieve mild to moderate depression, it improves thought formation, concentration and memory. It's another one of those really great feel good herbs. You take Schisandra everyday as a juice, as a supplement, in different forms, you can get in liquid concentrates.

It's an excellent thing to add to your diet add to your nutritional regime so that you can have the energy and endurance and overall feel good vitality that you want, Schisandra great stuff.