What Are the Health Benefits of Drinking Matcha Green Tea?

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Matcha Green Tea is a very particular type of tea just as Champagne is a very particular type of beverage. Matcha is the ultimate highest quality of green tea. It's highly beneficial for enhancing immune function which helps to keep us from getting diseases of different kinds. It reduces the risk of many forms of cancer, it reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease as well, and there's something that a lot of people who struggle with weight enjoy.

Matcha inhibits lipases, lipases takes fats from our diet, break them down into small particles and then those fats are absorbed into the intestines. When you drink Matcha tea, that prevents the dietary fats from being broken down into small particles, prevents them from being absorbed, they get eliminated out the bowels, and as a result, you don't put on as much weight.

Additionally, Matcha Green Tea contains an amino acid called L-Theanine, and L-Theanine has calming properties. So, even though, Matcha Green Tea contains some caffeine, about 30 milligrams a cup, so less than a Coca-Cola, it also contains this calming tranquility-producing amino acid called L-Theanine. Monks in Japan and China have long drank Matcha for the alertness that they get from the caffeine and from the calm and the tranquility that they get from the L-Theanine.

So, Matcha Green Tea is really the superior green tea, it's a very finely ground powdered green tea and has a delicious, delicious flavor.