What Are the Benefits of Red Onions?

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A lot of people quote the old adage, an apple a day, and that's good advice, but I will also say that the real secret is in onion a day. Onions have profound lipid lowering properties so they help to maintain a good healthy cardiovascular system. Onions are good for immunity overall, they are anti bacterial, they contain two of the most important antioxidant compounds in the world, quercetin and kaempferol, which offer a host of benefits, improved immunity, improved liver function, antitumor properties so really turns out that the lowly onion which is largely overlooked is a spectacular aid to health.

You do not need to eat onions raw, they're so packed with nutrients and packed with protective compounds, that even when you cook them, and those compounds are reduced, you're still getting a lot of them. As far as what type of onions, if you like yellow onions, eat yellow ones, if you like white, eat white.

My favorites are the red onions so that's what I choose. An onion a day you're in the sweet