What Are Cocoa Supplements?

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We are starting to see on the market now cocoa supplements, even Mars Corporation who make M&M's they've come out with cocoa supplements. What's up with that? Cocoa as it turns out may be the single healthiest thing you can put in your body after water. A bold claim I know, but when we look at the highest cocoa consuming population in the world, the Kuna native people of Panama, they have almost none existent rates of heart attacks, stroke, and high blood pressure.

Cocoa is especially rich in antioxidant compounds including the group known as the flavonols, and the flavonols help to lower LDL cholesterol, increase HDL cholesterol which is good, reduce oxidation of fats in the blood, reduce triglycerides and just help to promote health overall. They boost immune function, they do a number of things for the cells in your body, so we are starting to see cocoa based supplements come out on the market.

I think that cocoa is going to go very much the way that green tea has gone. It used to just be something you drink, now there are green tea extracts in a lot of different supplements and in many different forms, cocoa is headed that way, because it has health imbuing and even life saving properties.