Is There a Natural Remedy for Brittle Hair and Nails?

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A lot of people ask me if there is any sort of natural remedy for brittle hair and nails, so the answer absolutely, and even better it works very quickly, it is called Silica. Silica is part and parcel of all your body tissues, and it happens to be that when you take Silica you can turn brittle nails that fall apart and flake into nails that are hard as steel and you can take hair that's brittle and turn it lustrous and shinny and strong. Silica is typically derived either from the herb called Horsetail or from Bamboo. You can and find Horsetail derived Silica and Bamboo derived Silica in natural food stores and probably in drag store too.

There's no toxicity to these supplements, they are completely safe but within a bout or two weeks or so you'll notice appreciably better improvement in your nails and in your hair. A lot of people use Silica to keep their hair and nails looking beautiful, and I suggest that you do