How Can I Manage My Anger?

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I think the best way to manage your anger is number one know that you have it, so really be able to see within yourself the red flags of when things are going to start bubble for you, what situations trigger you, and really be able to catch it early on, until then, get to know yourself.

Looking at your life on a daily basis, and see where you're tripped up during today, and be able to give yourself tools, because that's the key. The tools are what you need in prevention, practice them in good time, so that they're ready and at your finger tips when you're having a rough time.

I think the most important one take away tip that I would tell someone to do is really be able to know the red flag and then unhook and take a look. That means unhook actually from the situation, step back, take a look, and don't go into that deep dark place with somebody, and that's the best and the quickest way to do it, but it's really key to have seen the red flags coming to be able to jump in that moment.