What Are Some Tips for Taking a Good Nap?

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Well you hear lots of things nowadays about napping. You have people that go to work and there's nap stations at work, there's even such a thing as a coffee nap. So people often ask me about naps and how do you take a nap and should you take a nap? Well, for most of us the optimum thing to do is to get the right amount of sleep that you need at night, and the range is seven to nine, most of us need eight, some of us a little less, seven, but whatever it is to you, that's the amount of sleep you want to be getting at night.

If you are not able to get the right amount of sleep you're going to create sleep debt, then you are going to have to offset it some way. That's where the nap comes in. For most of us the best time to take a nap is later in the day, anywhere from 3-5, that's when you have a natural dip in your alertness.

So that time frame 3-5 will help you to be in the right neurological state to drift into sleep so 3-5 but no more than 40 minutes and you want to try and get at least 20 minutes for the nap. And the best place to get take a nap is in a dark, quiet, relaxing, calm room, no different than your bedroom at night, sleep is all the same no matter where it is you want to create the right environment for sleep.

So try and get the right a mount of sleep at night if you can but you know that's not always possible, some of us work non traditional work schedules again demands and expectations then you can sneak a nap in there.