Is Caffeine a Common Ingredient in Pain Relievers?

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Caffeine is a common ingredient and pain relievers and most people are unaware of that, that's especially true for over-the-counter pain relievers that we use to treat headaches. Common over the counter pain relievers most of the popular ones are combo pills that means they have a combination of several different medications used to treat pain such as the sudamenafin, hydrophone but they also contain caffeine.

When looking for an over the counter pain reliever, you really do want to look at the label. You want to read the label and try and find an over the counter pain reliever that has one ingredient that would be any of those medications such as the sudamenafin, hydroprofen or aspirin, those are the best.

And the label will tell you what's in there. If there is caffeine, it will also give you the amount, you'll be surprised to find that many over the counter pain relievers have as much caffeine as 120 mg, that's as much as two coffee. May be we'll be surprised to find the caffeine is in pain relievers.

The reason why, is the caffeine may make the pain medication 40% more effective at treating headaches. In addition to that, the caffeine can actually treat a headache. Many of us use caffeine on a daily basis to keep us awake and alert. We're just so sleep-deprived that we've gotten used to and we really love our caffeinated beverages, but that caffeine when you stop it, can cause a headache from the withdraw of the caffeine.

So, when you have a headache, what do you do? You reach for a pain reliever. So, the pain medication companies have gotten very smart, and they've put caffein in your pill. And again the caffeine also makes the pain relievers 40% more effective at treating the headache because it helps the body absorb the pain medication more quickly that alleviates the headache faster.