How Is Herbal Tea Different From Regular Tea?

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Tell you what, the difference between tea and herbal tea is really not so known, tea and all tea comes from came, my good friend came, or otherwise known as camellia sinensis plant, so whether it's green, white, black or Oolong tea, its all derived from Camellia sinensis, now the way it gets its different colors essentially from oxidation in our processing, so the darker it is, the longer it's been aired, heated or processed, the lighter it is, the younger it is, but all tea I will tell you what it has in common is the Theanin and EGCG or Epigallocatechin gallate these are exceptional qualities that help you loose weight and reduce stress.

Now, the other tea's that we refer to as tea, herbal tee in fact aren't real tea but they do have great medicinal properties to them. Take peppermint tea for example, it's really a decoction or what we call as tisane it can come from the leaf typically in peppermint or other things like liqourish tea actually comes from the rhizome or the root of the plant.