How Do I Know If I Need a Supplement?

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When it comes to supplements, there is a way to know if you're taking too much or too little. One of the first things that you can do, is really consult with your family physician, or ask an alternative health care professional who is well versed in supplementing. But it doesn't stop there, because what they really should be doing for you, is taking some objective tests.

Talk about Vitamin D for a moment, North 32° latitude here we're all living, we're deficient in Vitamin D because we don't get enough sun, and when we're deficient in Vitamin D, we're are looking at anything from speeding up the aging process to visceral or organ disease, heart disease, depression, immune dysfunction all the way to the big C, cancer, so you need enough vitamin D. We're all told that, but how do you know if you have too much or too little?

You ask your doctor for a test. It's called 25OHD or Hydroxy Vitamin D. Simple blood test but there are other things you should be concerned about as well, how do you know if you're taking too much or too little vitamin A, C, E, selenium? How do you know if any of the micro nutrients in your body are well established, you test yourself. So it's been my initiative over the last couple of years to do some due diligence around the world, globe trotting to try to hold the industry accountable as well, because frankly, 50% of the stuff that's out there on your health food store shelf is junk.

You could also be wasting your money. Too much of a good thing sometimes is not a good thing, but even worse is when you're too low. So here it is, I've created a test that's called my status, and simple uninvasive, at home, checking your urine, your saliva, or even a blood prick can tell you your omega-3 fatty acid levels. It can tell you your vitamin, your antioxidant, your neurotransmitter which is the feel good hormones in your brain, and tell you weather or not you should supplement to satisfy a deficiency, so you know what?

I know my status, do you know your? That's the question, are you wasting your money, are you too high or too low for an antioxidant, there's ways to find out.