Are There Natural Treatments for High Blood Pressure?

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There are some very powerful alternative natural treatments for high blood pressure, but before you stop getting off your medication and trying any supplement program, always speak to your family physician. Here's the thing, from mild to moderate hypertension, nothing over about 140/90, that's your systolic over diastolic, there is help and there are very effective remedies. First, Bonito Peptides, this is a protein extract from a fish, small little fish it looks like a sardine that swims off the shore of Okinawa in Japan, shows that you can actually reduce blood pressure naturally, but the second one, the one I'm most excited about recently, is green coffee extract. Coffee.

Your doctor probably would have told you to stop drinking coffee if you have high blood pressure, but what I'm saying is green coffee. It hasn't been roasted and therefore still retains the phytochemical or the plant based nutrient that's going to relax your blood vessels thereby decreasing your overall blood pressure in mild to moderate hypertension, and basically thwart any risk of death from heart disease by about 10%.