Can I Exercise If I Have Asthma?

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Exercising and asthma is dependent on what type of asthma you have. Almost all asthmatics can exercise, but for individuals who have exercise induced asthma, the fact of exercising can bring on their symptoms. We think this is because there has been a sudden change in the temperature of the airways when people start exercising they can cause their airways to restrict.

Often times what patients report is that when they begin exercising they become very short of breath and have to stop, for patients with exercise that induced asthma the best treatment is to take an albuterol inhaler two puffs 15 minutes prior to exercise and to do a prolonged warm up.

This will prime your airways so that they'll be ready for the change in temperature and will permit you to exercise the entire time. For individuals who don't have exercise induced asthma, often times they'll report that their breathing feels better during exercise. We think this is because there's an adrenaline release during exercise that also helps open up the airways and make breathing easier.