What Are the Warnings and Dangers of Smoking (or Vaporizing) Alcohol?

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When I think of the dangers of vaping alcohol I also think of promises. So promises endangers i.e. I promise if you vape alcohol you will lower your innovations. I promised if you vape alcohol you will get a buzz and then the warnings are, you may not know how drunk you really are.

So untested and we know usually if you drink from time to time or a lot, you know that it takes me two drinks to get drunk or this much of a certain number of hours then I shouldn't drive. But how many of us have a breathlizer in our car unless you've had a DUI in the past or mandated to have a device on your car.

We just don't and so we go on how we feel, am I okay to drive the problem with that is alcohol by nature lowers inhibitions and affects your judgement , so you're relying on a crummy mechanism right, the impaired brain to tell you if it's okay to drive, that's a huge warning, I said everybody that's thinking about it and the warning is we just don't know what effects vaping alcohol, or smoking alcohol has on your lungs, keep that in mind, I'd say if you don't need to do it, stick with the martini and then if you're drinking more about escape or numbing out, consider seeking some help for that.