How Does Smoking (or Vaporizing) Alcohol Affect the Body?

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It's such a great idea, to talk about this because, it's really coming up amongst college student's across the country, and also on the Doctor Oz show with some women that are jumping on this craze where they're actually vaping or smoking alcohol in bars throughout across the country.

It's interesting to me because as fads come and go you might say, oh it's not a big deal, but I think the jury's really out on a few things. One, what are the long term effect's on alcohol on your lungs, because you're really not built to inhale a vaporized liquid, your lungs are sort of built for air for oxygen, and so I worry about that, but the other thing that's really interesting is that when you smoke, or vaporize alcohol it goes right to your brain, so it goes into your lungs, and then it's dispersed right throughout your body into the blood stream it goes through your brain and affect's your central nervous system.

The difference really between drinking alcohol and vaping is your puke response, right? So if your drinking a lot, and you have too much of it, which alcohol's a depressant, your body has a response, oh my God! I got to get rid of some, so you throw up. I know this all too well.

I'm an alcoholic in recovery, so I was one of those guys where I was constantly drinking and throwing up, drinking and throwing up and that was my body's way of getting rid of it. When you vaporize alcohol, there's no response like that. Your lungs hold the alcohol, disperse it very rapidly minus the water and what you're left with is a rapid buzz that really has no built in stop response, sounds scary, right?.