What Is Community-Based Diabetes Care?

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This is a program we helped develop about 15 years ago, and it uses people that have diabetes themselves, and we train them to deliver some of the education and knowledge around how their community members can take better care of their diabetes. And it's interesting, it works well, better than I thought it would work when we first started this, because the members that we identify and train, live in the community, they understand the barriers, they usually speak the languages of the people in the community.

They know the myths that have to be overcome, and generally are very passionate about what they do and they are fabulous partners. Been working with me, our nurses, our dietitians and other team members, to really deliver the message. We have done official research studies using these groups of people.

We compared them to people going to traditional healthcare clinics and we found that they dropped their blood sugars more when they used a peer educator than when they just use the traditional clinic method. We published the data and very successful.