What Do the Results of a Coronary Calcium Scan Mean?

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Well it's the one test the Coronary Calcium Scan is the one test that we want to get a zero on that means no [xx] it means very low risk in fact it's really a warranty for the next 10 years you're not going to have a heart attack, and you do not have to take a [xx] drug no matter what you cholesterol level is.

Now if you do have plaque the higher the score the higher the risk, and so you have to with your internist or cardiologist and decide which treatments, it can be diet, medication our exercise, but the higher is the more aggressive an intervention is required because the higher the risk of a future heart attack.

the calcium score starts at zero that's the score we all want to have, but even a score between 10 and 100 increases your chance of a heart attack four to eight fold if it's over a 100, it starts increasing it up to 10 to 20 fold, and when it's over 400, it's over 20 fold increase in your chance of having a heart attack and the score can go right up to in to the thousands.

If your score is over 1000 which is quite unusual, you actually have one in four chance of having a heart attack in the next year.