What Are Some of the Health Benefits of Coconut Oil?

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I love coconut oil. I eat it almost everyday. It's really great. It has anti-viral properties, anti-candida properties and anti-bacterial properties. Meaning, it can be good for everything. So ways that you can use it or foams that's its found in is coconut oil, you can actually eat whole coconut.

You can drink coconut milk. I recommend real coconut milk out of the can rather than in the carton. You can eat coconut flakes and coconut flower. So virtually, any recipe that you would use milk or dairy, you can substitute with coconut. Coconut oil rather than butter, coconut milk rather than regular dairy milk.

What the components of coconut have are caprylic acid, lauric acid, the various acids in coconut oil that particularly with candida, they poke little holes in cell wall causing the candida to die.