What Should I Do If I Think My Child Has Been Exposed to Enterovirus D68?

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If your child has asthma, I would suggest, monitoring them very closely and since they might not whiz, I suggest using a peak flow meter, this is an expensive, portable, simple devise, you just blow into it really hard and you get a read out of how their airways are functioning it's green, yellow, red and tells you just how concerned to be.

While there is no vaccine for this, while there is no known treatment for this, laboratory studies have shown two things that can disable this virus. In contrast to a 100 other Enteroviruses this one D68 is vulnerable to two things. The first is acidity, a pH of three, so just a squeeze of lemon, or a spray of aposide venegar is more than acidic enough to be able to disable this virus and even common fruits like blueberries and apples have enough acid that could make a difference, so I suggest having fruit at every meal to get acidity in the back of the throat just briefly.

The other thing that it's sensitive to is warmth. Any temperature above 98.6 is very difficult for this virus to thrive, so I suggest soups and warm liquids and if your child does get a fever, I wouldn't be in a rush to try to bring it down. It might just be their body trying to raise their temperature you get rid of the virus.