What Can I Do to Reduce My Exposure to Acrylamide?

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There are a few simple tips that can be helpful, if you're going to cook potatoes, soaking them in water just putting them in a bowl of water for a half an hour before you cook can reduce your acrylamide by 38% soaking them longer reduces it even more but even just for a couple of minutes you can make the difference.

Also when you store potatoes don't store them in a refrigerator, acrylamide levels is going to be higher after they've been stored in a fridge, another simple thing that you can do is if you're making a sandwich cut the crust off the bread, the crust is the part where most of the Acrylamide is, kids everywhere like that, and they're up to something here.

Another really simple tip is if you're making bread at home, adding some Rosemary to it just a tea spoon of rosemary added to the dough has been shown to reduce acrylamide formation by 60%.