What Are the Risks of Phthalates?

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The chemicals that are in so many of our bodies. One recent study, 98% of people's urine tasted positive for phthalates. We know shockingly little about health effects, but we do know a few things, one is that in well controlled animal studies phthalates have been shown to cause certain health problems and two when you go out and randomly measure phthalate levels in people you often find a higher rate of those same health problems so what kinds of things are we talking about.

Number one reproductive problems. This could be testicular dysfunction in men, endometriosis in women or genital formation in baby boys. Number two is increased waist size. People with higher phthalates levels are more likely to have a bigger waist even eating the same number of calories and having the same exercise.

Number three is increased insulin resistance. Harder to control blood sugar, this is a precursor to diabetes.