How Can I Avoid Exposure to Phthalates?

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I have a few suggestions for avoiding exposure to phthalates in your food. Number one they end up at very high levels often in the highest fat dairy products, things like cream and butter and ice cream. When you choose dairy, lower fat typically means lower phthalates. Number two, they tend to show up at pretty high levels in meat and in poultry.

We don't know how it gets there whether that's the plastic containers that their feed is stored in or the pesticides that linger on their feed or the wrapping or the packaging or something that happens in the plant but I have some suggestions. To me the best bet is to choose lean cuts of meat, since phthalates hide in the fats, skinless poultry, to choose it pasture-fed and organic if possible and to choose it recently wrapped and preferably wrapped in paper.

Number three, fruits and vegetables, the more fruits and vegetables in the diet, typically the lower the level of phthalates and organic could be even better yet by avoiding certain pesticides. And finally number four, just be aware of plastics in food, certain plastics in contact with food increase phthalate levels, so when possible shop at a farmer's market, shop in the produce aisle, choose things has the least contact with plastic along the way.