What Happiness Strategies Can Improve My Mood?

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My favorite happiness strategy is actually the conscious practice of gratitude, so a simple expression of gratitude or simply counting our blessings, research shows, will really lastingly improve our health and life satisfaction. So just simply looking around and expressing gratitude to somebody can really boost your happiness.

Another great happiness booster is to think about ways that you can de-clutter your environment, so I really think that there's a ton of truth to the old adage that the state of your bed is the state of your head and so to just think about really small things like that, can you make your bed? Can you pay all those bills on your desk? Can you clear your kitchen sink of dishes? And those things seem really small, but those small behaviours can lead to a cascade of other changes in our lives, bigger improvements that amount to small wins in the willpower department, those small wins give us more strength to be more productive, to have more ease in our life and a lot of times ease equals happiness.