Exercise Outdoors to Boost Your Mood

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Hi, Dr. Miller here, there's another reason to go green, spend five minutes a day in nature why? You know that aah, feeling that you get walking in a park on a summer day? Recent research has shown that your brain really is humming a happier your tune, when scientists analyse 10 studies of people out doors they discovered that just five minutes a days in a green setting seriously lifts mood and self esteem add water of lake, stream, river, ocean or that little fountain down the block and you'll get an even bigger chunk of well being.

Getting your dose of nature doesn't have to take a chunk out of your day. Of course your heart and waist line would love it if you walk for half an hour but the greatest emotional boost comes from that five minutes of green exercise. Outdoor activity races level took serotonin a feel good chemical.

That may explain why joggers who take to the street and trails are less anxious and depressed than those who log last on indoor trade mill, so take a green break right now and then come back and watch all of our smart tips right here.