How Do I Know If I Have Depression and Not Just a Blue mood?

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A lot of times people say how do I know that I'm not feeling just moody or having the blues versus depression, and I say you want to look at a constellation of symptoms, the intensity, the severity, the duration but how is it affecting your level of impairment? So if you are going about your business, and in and of itself I wouldn't use this as a diagnostic criteria, level of impairment because there are plenty of people who are depressed who push themselves every morning to get to go to work.

So you have to have those symptoms but there should be some impairment in your functioning. So if you are fighting more with your spouse, if you are getting late to work everyday, you don't want to go to work, you've lost interest in the hobbies, you used to be part of some social club and you no longer are going, you're avoiding, so how is this manifesting in your life?

So there's got to be real manifestation other than just having a low mood.