When Do You Decide If a Child Should Go on Medication?

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Well there's clearly some disorders we see in psychiatry that are going to require medications no matter what the therapy and for that I would bring up examples like bipolar disorder or schizophrenia, the best therapy may not still reverse the course of the illness and it's gonna require medications, but let's say something like anxiety, for the first time a child presents with anxiety and they're still fairly functioning in terms of going to school, being with friends and you first try course of therapy, I would want to set my mind a certain benchmark in terms of how much time to get therapy before intervening with medication.

So the anxiety is severe enough that it's getting in the way of the child being able to do the therapy then I might decide more about medications earlier than later or if a child has tried therapy for a matter of months and there is still no improvement, and they are not reaching those benchmarks then we decide about medications also.