What Are the Natural Therapies for Anxiety?

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Well there're definitely a number of natural treatments for anxiety. Anxiety is a multifactorial issue, so that means there's just a whole lot of factors that contribute to people's anxiety. When I work with a patient who has anxiety and I practice in Manhattan, so I definitely see a lot of anxiety in Manhattan, I think we all have some of it if we are in this area for more than a day.

And it really depends on where it's coming from. A lot of times sometimes people aren't getting enough sleep so that's going to contribute to anxiety. A lot of those people aren't eating well and when you don't eat well it ends up creating a lot of stress in your body, because your body is a lot less healthy and that creates more anxiety in the brain and more inflammation in the brain which will help you feel anxious too.

Blood sugar issues can make people anxious. So when people spend a long time in between meals that can make them anxious because their blood sugar drops and then there are also natural remedies for anxiety. I think acupuncture is one of the best ones. I know I've used it personally for that purpose and I find it to be extremely helpful, so I highly recommend acupuncture and Chinese medicine for anxiety and then there're certain wonderful nutrients and supplements, there's magnesium which is great for anxiety.

There's an herb called passiflora, which is very gentle and very, very relaxing for anxiety. Valerian, which is used a lot for sleep and insomnia, is probably one of the most studied herbs for helping people calm down when they need to go to sleep. So that's just a couple of many, many different ones.

Sometimes St. John's wort which is the most studied herb of all time is great not only for depression, but it's also fantastic for anxiety. And then there's a number of amino acids, there's 5 hydroxytryptophan, those can be fantastic for anxiety and there's something called glycine which is also very good for anxiety as well.

So there's a whole lot of choices, it really depends on the person that has the anxiety and really where things are coming from but there's definitely a lot of hope and there's a lot of help out there.