What Common Addiction Behaviors Fascinate You?

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There are certain things that interest me as a human, and of course as a writer, and as a doctor and they are, almost without exception again we're talking that the severe treatment seeking end of the spectrum here. They are shame. Everybody is shamed at this point. Cigarette smokers at the moment are shamed in America, right? They are in the minority, they have no place to smoke, but certainly people who drink heavily or abuse opioids or cocaine heavily, right? So I think shame is present in everybody at that stage.

For one or another thing, that they've done in the past, that they don't look back happily on. I think lying is central to we call that denial and some ways I call it lying, about ones behaviors and what one is doing, and what comes along with that is secrets I think that is central to all of these secret keeping.

And of course, lying and secrets and suffering are the great drivers of fiction so those things interest me, now what comes along with that also is pleasure which is a wonderful thing to think about in the abstract and most of these folks would describe the first occasion is that they used their substance of choice, has extremely pleasurable like that, unless there was that immediate reward.

And they described it in different terms sometimes it's euphoria. Sometimes, I feel calm for the first time, sometimes I have great energy that substance give me great energy. It's not always. I'm high they use other more subtle terms, but pleasure is the other piece here. So pleasure, shame, secrets and lying are the four things that I think is essential to this disease, and once we've gotten into that extreme use.