Is It Better for the Penis to Be Circumcised?

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Is it better to be circumcised? Better be circumcised, tons of new information ground breaking information on this, I wasn't aware of obviously of these datas so I love doing these shows. And so a new study actually shows that in women there may be lower infection rates if the males are circumcised and specifically with bacterial infections which I'd never heard of before.

And part of the reason for that is the foreskin can get little cracks in it, so the male can sometimes get infected, but more importantly, it can harbor bacteria because it provides an extra store space in there doesn't have a lot of air, it doesn't see a lot sunlight, it's moist and that's what bacteria love in order to grow.

And about roughly 65%, two thirds of men are circumcised. So that means there are lot of folks that are out there that are still left with the problem. Now, there are some benefits to it, and Dr. Barman, maybe you can help us a little bit understand the bigger story around circumcision.

Absolutely. Sure, and the data is definitely piling up that risks for HPV, human papiloma virus, and HIV are significantly greater in men who are not circumcised than in men who are circumcised for reasons that you just described, and of course we know that HPV can cause cervical cancer in women so it's a real concern.

That being said the fore skin is extremely rich in nerve endings. So when you create a circumcision you are actually removing some key nerve cells that are essential to sexual pleasure not that you won't have fabulous sexual pleasure without your foreskin but you might have a little bit more with it.

So you understood? What do you think? Yeah, I understand. I think it's fine..