Triglycerides and Fish Oil for a Healthy Heart and Brain

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If your triglycerides are high, your doctor might recommend fish oil capsules. Hi, I'm Dr. Miller. Fish oils swimming in two forms of Omega 3 fatty acids, DHA and EPA. Both will do your heart, brain, and eyes good, and taking a fish oil supplement will definitely help lower your triglycerides. There may be an even better way, take DHA Omega 3 supplements made from algae, not fish oil.

Algae are where fish get there Omega 3s. With algae-based DHA, you avoid toxins like PCBs found in some fish oil capsules. PCBs are polychlorinated biphenyls which are environmental toxins that have been linked to cancer and other health problems in animals. But algae-based Omega-3s help you size step up those concerns while you lower your triglyceride.

I'm Dr. Miller. For more ways to nourish your health, watch all our smart tips, right here.