Add Pumpkin to Your Plate

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Hi, I'm Dr. Oz here with a tasty way to lower your cholesterol and triglycerides. Add pumpkin to your plate. There's a vital chemical in pumpkins that helps relax blood vessels to help lower your blood pressure too. As you puree, bake, saut, and boil these bright orange gourd, you're also getting loads of dietary fiber, beta-carotene, vitamin C, and minerals like calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium.

Pumpkin is sweet enough if you add in a little bit of nutmeg and cinnamon, so don't load up your pumpkin with lots of sugar, and you'll have a low calorie treat. If you picked up canned pumpkin puree for convenience, that's fine, just be sure it's 100% pumpkin and nothing else. Three and half ounces of pumpkin has about 25 calories with no saturated fat or cholesterol.

Pumpkin seeds are also good for you, they're packed with protein, iron, and zinc. One ounce of pumpkin seeds is about 150 calories and has 7 grams of protein. I'm Dr. Oz, for more tasty ways to nourish your health, check out all of our smart tips, right here.