What Can I Do to Prevent Memory Loss as I Age?

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In most cases you don't really have memory lose. You are distracted and you don't retrieve the memory because you never recorded it in your first place, so you say I don't remember where I left my keys, while you never recorded the experience in the first place. So when you're putting your keys away, watch yourself putting your keys away, and then you'll remember.

Also memories that are associated with emotions never last, so felt memories are stronger than fact memories, that's why people in the court sometimes give contradictory accounts, because they're trying to remember facts but those who actually had the experience from the scene of the crime they were frightened or they were feeling anxious.

So they had panic they will remember it much more. So associate your memories with emotions see even when you are packing your car, say wow I found a packing space, feel that joy inside and you will remember it, but if you just not recording it you are not going to remember it.