Tricks for Tracking Your Medications

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Do you remember brushing your teeth this morning? You know you did, but do you remember doing it? Hi, I'm Barbara Farcarra. Some things becomes so routine that we don't even remember doing them, but when it comes to taking your daily medication it's important to know if you took them or not. It can be tough to remember if you're on a schedule or thinking about yesterday's dose, here's a great trick to jog your memory. Each time you take your pills do something different.

One day, pat your head, another day, knock on the door frame. Next time, do slow twirl afterwards. Adding a complex or unusual action helps people remember to do a routine task, and as you age, your tendency to forget routine things gets worse. So pairing a quirky reaction with a routine task makes it more memorable because the action requires you to pay extra attention to what you're doing.

Here's another east tactic, get a day of the week pill dispenser. A little organization may be all you need to avoid missing or doubling on doses. And remember to watch our smart health tips, right here.