Brain Fog After Major Surgery

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Hi, Dr. Kevin Soden here with a smart tip if you or a loved one will have surgery soon. Ask your doctor about the likelihood of post surgery brain fog. That's a form of memory loss, confusion and concentration problems, technically known as postoperative cognitive dysfunction. or POCD. It can happen to anyone after surgery, particularly after heart surgery, and it's more common among elderly patients.

As many as 62% of patients go under the knife for hip fracture repair, have temporary cognitive problems afterwards. People with high blood pressure are more vulnerable too. They are several theories about why POCD occurs. One, is that prolonged anesthesia or particular types of anesthesia are to blame.

Another, is that anesthesia accelerates dementia that's already present but isn't very noticeable yet. Others link the problem to information in the brain following major surgeries. The good news, is that studies of drugs to prevent POCD are underway. Meantime, you're scheduled for surgery and concerned about POCD, talk to your doctor.

Don't plan on making any major life decisions immediately after surgery, I'm Doctor Kevin Soden. For more ways to protect your health, watch all our smart tips, right here.