3 Tips for Better Memory

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Hi, I'm Doctor Mike Roizen, with some smart steps to keep your memory young, you know, to increase your brain power and memory. Don't throw your brain away. What matters most is what you do with your mind and your muscles. Here are three things you can do. Move it or lose it. Physical activity helps you prevent loss of weight and gray matter, and promotes the growth of neurons that process your thoughts and memories.

Walking for 15 minutes everyday is good. 30 minutes, 6 days a week, even better. Best, get a pedometer and walk 10,000 steps everyday, and add more intense efforts three times a week. Just one minute three times a week makes a real difference, don't do it unless your doc says you can do real intense activity.

Stay active in the bedroom. dopamine, a neurotransmitter that's key for your memory normally decreases with age. Yours doesn't have to, sexual activity increases it, so kick up your heels, of course, with your honey and enjoy all foods without the food felons, saturated fat, trans-fat, simple added sugars, added syrups, avoid them, kick them to the curve, nourish your nagen with lean protein, never fried, fiber, 100% whole grains and dark greens such as broccoli, and don't forget the odd Omegas.

DHA, that's Omega-3, and if you will, olive oil, that's Omega-9, those are good. The other right Omega, Omega-7, it's really good too, curry dishes, they have turmeric in them that activates the waste material that gets out of your brain and my favorite, of course, coffee, that's good for you. I'm Dr. Mike Roizen. For more great ways to stay young, watch and share all of the tips, right here.