Are We Spending Enough On Alzheimer's Research?

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I would like to think so but they don't. At this moment in time, on a per patient basis, you look at the number of Alzheimer's patients versus let's say the number of AID's patients. There's 40 times less funding for Alzheimer's research than for AIDS research. I'm not arguing, we're spending too much money on AIDS research, quite the contrary.

I'm indicating we need that kind of funding in order to make a real impact. I mean, deaths from AIDS have been going down, death from Alzheimer's have been going up. Alright? And one reason is, we're spending good money on AIDS research and it's paying off, and we're spending not nearly enough money on Alzheimer's research.

You know what? People often say, throwing more money at a problem isn't always the best way to solve a problem. Few areas where it actually is a good way to solve a problem, is bio medical research. The more money you throw at a problem, usually the quicker you can solve it.