Have We Become Too Reliant on Technology In Medicine?

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Definitely think there is a place for technology in medicine, but I do think there is an over reliance, not only in medicine, but in our lives in general that I think affect our health. For example, we're on our phones all the time, we're on the computer all the time, so when we're sedentary now, we are distant socially.

We are very isolated, we think we're more social being honest. Social network website, when really we should be sitting down with other people and speaking with them face to face. I think that's a big part of mental health issues and health issues in general in this country. So I think there's certainly a place for technology and sometimes an MRO or CT scan can save someone's life and it has a place for it.

But I think we need to get back to basics, and that is basic exercise, basic social interaction from mental health and stress management and looking at what we are putting in our body. We are so quickly, well genetically engineer, fruits and vegetables, we make lots of different medications, and we so readily put those in our body.

But when it comes to eating more fruits and vegetables, people question, well, do I need to do this and should I, I don't like the taste, and I think we need to change that around and really focus on the basics.