Is Immunotherapy the Best Solution to Finding a Cure for Cancer?

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It's very hard to predict the future but we've been dealing with, I'm a surgeon of course and I know that surgery, a path of people have developed cancer in this years will be cured out of it but the overwhelming majority of those patients will develop cancer will be cured because surgery removes the primary lesion, but once it's spread and become metastatic, we cured very, very few patients now, I don't think surgery is gonna cure metastatic disease unless it's just isolated and sometimes we can, if it's just an isolated deposit unfortunately when cancer metastasizes it goes to many places, radiation therapy have the same problem, it's a local treatment chemotherapy and the targeted therapies can cause tumor regressions but don't appear to be able to get lid of the rest of cancer cells, we know there are at least in no man kidney cancer.

Immunotherapy can get rid of the last cancer cells and at least some patients to go on live their normal life spans and that's been almost 30 years now but what we have to find, the challenge we face right now is finding effective immunotherapies for patients with a common epithelia kinds of cancers that are so.