Does Healthy Food Have to Be More Expensive and Less Available?

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The cost and availability of nutritious food is certainly an issue and the first lady Let's Move Initiative is certainly addressing that area and the whole notion of food deserts and food swamps I think where we have the swamps full of unhealthy foods and that what's available and on the food desert side where we do not have access to affordable good nutritious food and vegetables etc.

I think that we are seeing a turn there, we're seeing an investment by government and by local entities to invest in and in sent, stores that set out to locate in areas to, and make it more accessible. We're seeing also commitments by large food retailers, and folks like Walmart, and others who have made commitments to having more affordable fruits and vegetables, and make sure that they're placed in the store where people can see them, and they're readily available, and at a cost that is much more affordable.