Why Are People Afraid to Cook Seafood at Home?

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I want to get more involved with sea food and getting some more sea food products that people have more readily available to them. I want to see people cooking fish at home and try to figure out why people are so afraid to do that in the United States. In my research why people don't cook sea food at home as often I think is they're just afraid of it, they see it as this foreign creature.

They're afraid they'll overcook it and I tell people just play with it, probe with it, you know how to cook a stake, people are comfortable cooking a stake at home. If you can cook an egg, you know what protein looks like when it changes colors. Cracking egg, you put it into a pan, and that clear egg white starts to slowly turn opaque, bright or white color, well that's what protein does.

So once you understand that it's that simple, take seafood at home, cooks quicker, it's better for you, and just have fun with it.