What Does a Family Need to Know When a Loved One Has MS?

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What a family needs to know, what parents need to know is that they have to embrace their children and let them in on the secret as it were. You have to, kids are the smartest people in the house, we decided to tell them everything. When I had cancer twice we did the same thing and what we discovered was when kids are included, when kids are told the truth and they just intuitively know that is the truth.

They're much happier, they're much more secure. When you get on, the last generation didn't tell the kids anything and that's a terrible mistake because kids sort of figure it out, and what they imagine is frequently worse than the illness itself. We found that our kids had a comfort level with it.

We were very casual about it. We weren't cavalier. We weren't making it into a good thing in any way, but they always knew that when something was up, when I was having a problem, when things were not going well, we would mention it to them. We did it casually. We didn't roll the drums.

We were not funereal about it. We just very matter of factly talked about what was going on and they got it.