Is There Guidance for Off-Label Use Drug Prescriptions?

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It is very difficult for a pharmaceutical company that you get a label from the FTA and it says, this is what the data on the drug is, this is how you are supoosed to sell it, so the sales rep are trying to say, here is my drug, this is what it can do, now a medical professional can side that his drug can have many applications, there are lot of bipolar depression drugs that are routinely prescribed for people at all timers because it comes in down an there are huge markets for that but there is no guidance on it, so if some [UNKNOWN] sales rep goes in to a medical practice and says, hey by the way, I just saw this patient in your reception area and he is all timers person.

He is all agitated you got to get in somebody's too and you find that it works, it's happening all over the place, that's when you can get hit with a find, we're talking abour software of marketting.