What Solutions Will Help Us Feed the World's Population?

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I think the most important solution, is get the right players on the table. This can't be done by government working on it's own. It can't be done by universities and departments of food science and agriculture, it can be done by three companies alone. Food companies make food and distribute food, government creates the policy in the regulation in the environment, the universities have with the science is going on, we need to bring it together, in that collaboration.

I'm convinced the answers are there. But the most important [xx] answers is how do we learnt to talk to each other and collaborate. What are we going to create as the incentives? That's the solution, let's get people together, we could put a man on the moon and we can eradicate small pox, we can almost eradicate polio, why is it that we can't do a very fundamental but ubiquitous challenge and come together and understand how do we get food.